And then shit happened 

So. I missed my flight. I don’t know how. No like for real, I don’t. Know. How. 

But I’m gangsta as fuck, so…when there was an evacuation at King Shaka International seconds before they punched in the details for my new ticket, I LITERALLY grabbed my money out of the lady’s hand and ran out of there like all the bats of hell where after me. Ask me again why airports make me itch and why I hate flying. Nx.


BECAUSE I’m gangsta as all pharq, my people are also gangsta and #team came through. My person googled bus tickets so…yeah. Your girl’s gonna be fresh off the bus at pharcken 5am tomorrow, go home, shower and change, and head to work. I know, I know, I’d also prefer to get a good night’s sleep and head to work after a one hour ten minute flight than after an eight hour busride, but like did you see where I said AIRPORT EVACUATION? I wasn’t going to hang around to see how that got resolved. 


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