Leo Season 2017, Epic

This Leo season has, so far, been incredible. I have given myself permission to love myself above all else and all others and I have no regrets about that choice. Loving oneself does not, as is often thought, mean selfish licentiousness – at least not to me. 

Self-love means putting in the work to meet my personal development goals as well as my relationship goals -friends, romance, womenfolk, lend me your ears!- (Geddit?) and body goals (jelly belly must fall dammit). Self love doesn’t mean behaving badly under that banner, it means behaving well because one of my words is refinement (seriously though, dainty china makes me happy). Self love is not an excuse to be hateful to others, it’s reason to be kind and generous because love is like that in expression. Did I wake up perfect? No, just near-perfect 💅 Ha! 

But on a serious note, this year has been rough. Whoever said this is 2016.2 called it. Because shyte’s been real, s’true. 

But you know what? If everything else is a lie this much is true: I’m a survivor and like Destiny’s Child sang, I’ll keep on surviving. And what I’ve learnt is that without love for self I can’t even begin to think about doing all the things I know I’m meant to do. Without self-love I would not have known how to look after myself, never have learnt how to protect myself and my heart.

If self-preservation is my super power, then self love is what fuels it. 

Yes. This leo season has been fabulous so far. I have rested because this year has already been long and hard. I have evaluated myself and catalogued all my failures, which are many, but because love reigns supreme, I forgive myself. I forgive myself and head to the coast to pamper myself, to hang with my person; to write; to enjoy a time of rest and restoration before I continue the work of becoming my best self.

Amen and amen.