Happy New Year To Me: The Finale

Behold, He is doing a new thing

I have lived to embrace another year and I welcomed it in style. From the midnight chat with one woman I love, brunch with another, to the minions gif and real encouragement from a third, it has been a lovely day. Good wishes and song from my sisters and my children,  messages from friends all over the world and then lovely calming tea and now chocolate in bed – oh yes, it has been a lovely day. Today, we celebrate, eat chocolate, give thanks, ponder and plan to plan. Tomorrow, tomorrow, we fight on.

As the day ends, I am filled with excitement and expectation. ‘Good things are coming, and I ain’t gonna not believe.’

Another chance to do it all over, to revamp and reclaim. What has not killed me has made me better and yes, stronger. Whatever else happened, I am here. I’m still standing. 
I did not make it here alone. There are women who loved me through it in word and in action and I am thankful to them, old friends and new alike, and I can only hope that my contribution to their lives is as impactful as theirs to mine. 
Here’s to another year with my tribe. Here’s to power meeting responsibility and birthing realised potential.


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