On Traitorous Women and The Questionable Joys of DTF Culture: A Guest Post by Unknown Woman

There are women who are traitors to the cause. The cause is self-actualization for black women. 

Traitors are women who serve patriarchy by oppressing other women;

women who fail to support, nurture and encourage greatness in other women; 

women who sell themselves cheap, for the price of dinner, say, and nothing more, barely any cost to the man yet we grew up knowing that a man had to prove his worth before sexual access was granted, let alone exclusive sexual access. 

Now? Thirsty thots everywhere you look, ruining the game for all of us and teaching men that all they have to do is ask and sex will be granted. 

Women began failing when they began wanting to fuck like men; 

when they lost the sense their mothers and grandmothers gave them. 

Women began failing when they stopped insisting that they are precious, to be treated well; 

when they stopped believing that sex is a sacred act intended to grow and sustain a deeper intimacy between committed couples.  

Women began failing when men and media convinced them that there was no need to set high standards regarding who could access their homes, their hearts and their bodies, not to mention their wallets. 

Women began failing when they stopped questioning what it is that makes them open up (homes, wallets, bodies, hearts) when they are not getting the same exclusive access in return.

Standards set by women matter. Why? 

Because men will only become ‘real men’ when their desire for copulation with anything in a skirt is tempered and ultimately destroyed by their drive to protect and provide for one woman whose respect and admiration they value. Men do not settle for women they cannot love and whose respect they do not value. 

Finding a man to sleep with is easy as pie. Finding a man to live with, a man who will add value and make your life richer in almost every way, that’s another story. 

 Finding a man is easy, finding someone to scratch the itch and quench the thirst is easy; finding a loving man to be a complement to you and your life, to share the burdens and joys of life and not just hard-won orgasms is a whole different ballgame. 

Women who set low standards mess up the game for all of us. Men will evolve only as far as the women in their lives demand. If men don’t need to do anything to get laid except ask, then men won’t commit. Why should they when there’s easily accessible punany all over the place? 

Think about it. You’re easily accessible punany and you call yourself liberated talmbout ‘needs’ and so forth, but are you counting the cost in spiritual, emotional and yes, even financial terms? 

Are you really happy with your current situation or are you afraid to examine your choices too closely in case you find that in fact you’re driven by fear, by media’s popular notions of coupledom as pointless? 

Do you really think you deserve nothing more than to be screwed and left by random men? 

If you were to demand more for yourself in terms of your sexuality and how you express and enjoy it, what would that look like? 

Dare to dream. I dare you. 

-Unknown Woman


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