Thoughts on Freedom

Freedom, much like trust, cannot be picked up off the street.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thirsty for my freedom and hungry for it, knowing as I thirst and hunger that what will sustain me, this thing they call freedom, already lies within me.

Freedom is not external to who you are, it is inherent, intrinsic -congenital, if you will- but not inherited. Real freedom is not inherited. 

What I have to do, and you, is find my freedom and live it. Not a narrow life because freedom is a wide life, not meanness because freedom is generosity; because you cannot be free until you understand that what you seek is already within; that you do not grow by stunting others’ growth; that the universe will not take from someone else to give to you. 

You are not free until you understand that life is a journey to unshackle yourself, not a competition with anyone else.

Freedom doesn’t come, isnt found -whatever the term is for pulling something out of yourself, something bright and wonderful and sacred- 

-Freedom will elude you, and me, until we’ve faced and conquered our pain, our fears, our lies; until we’ve choked on the Truth and on our personal truths. 

You won’t know freedom until you know Truth, because freedom walks hand in hand with Truth.

-Beauty’s Daughter


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