I cracked then I broke but I raised myself up, mended and polished the rough edges,

Sanded the corners smooth like the glide of the lipstick I wear daily because everybody needs their armour.

I made myself hard where others are soft, jagged edges, sharp corners –

Fragile and strong because I created myself out of the contrariness of my life, pulling from heat and cold and dark and light,

Moulding myself from the hidden yet freely available grace, filling my spaces with both the stolen and wilingly given words of the world,

Stitching together my heart’s pieces with the divine thread of a natural self-love.

I do not deny that I am afraid, frightened because much has been given and in return much from me is expected; but I am bold because I cannot turn away from that which I know to be my destiny.

“You’re not good enough, simply not enough.” The voices. Mutterings rising from the dust of my past like the unwanted memories of gone lovers, 

Words biting just as they did in that Unforgotten but never to be recalled past.
I swallow the white man’s muti to deafen  the voices, breathe in the new silence as the black woman’s  incense burns forcing demons to flee and giving angels voice.

I cling to truth that brings freedom and peace. “Darling. You’re all you have.”

Art: Black Queen Work by Sarah Golish