You have friends who resent your success but never hesitate to ask for favours or to enjoy the fringe benefits of your hard work. You sleep with men who take advantage of you and your resources (and your A1 sex game), men who give nothing in return except bitterness and heartache, not even an orgasm for you to write bad poetry about. In addition, you’ve committed to being someone you can’t really be proud of because you’ve been hurt so often and so deeply that you’ve decided it’s time you stop being your loving, kind, generous self and become someone different.

You need to understand that your relationships are an accurate reflection of your perception of yourself.

What and whom you allow into your life is based on what you believe you deserve. If people take you for granted it is because you do not value yourself or your contributions. When you understand, internalise, and begin to live the truth of your God-given worth you will be more authentically yourself and your relationships will be transformed. Your fears of rejection and your need for external validation will be washed away in the flood of genuine love you have for yourself and for your truth.

Don’t you know yet that perfect love casts out fear?

In other words, keep it real and just do you.
Also, give zero fucks.
Also, don’t be stupid.
-Unknown Woman

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