Have You Started On Your GOALS

I have, kinda. I’m still in the ‘get information’ stage with most of my goals. What about you?


So your goal is to lose weight. Did you know that how you lose the weight is how you’ll keep it off? How much weight do you want to lose and how?
Want to save more money? How will you save it? Where?
Want to go to they gym? What will you do when you get there? Are you one of those people who has a gym membership and fancy workout gear so you can look cute on the treadmill? Do you know the difference between cardio and weights in fat-burning efficiency? What about HIIT?
Perhaps instead of going to the gym straight away you need to educate yourself first, get information?
Perhaps you need to read up on the different savings plans out there and choose one based on your financial goals?
Not all of us can jump in and start going to the gym or immediately start squirreling away sums of cash or develop a clean-eating super power. Yes, super power because how else can one enjoy one’s meals if they consist largely of brussel sprouts and rocket with a side of balsamic vinegar?
It’s A-OK if you need a period of information-gathering first. You might need to clean out your cupboards and your pantry before going grocery shopping for ‘clean’ foods; you might even need to brush up on your knowledge of what clean food IS, before you go shopping. Or, perhaps you need to track your spending before getting on that saving grind. How can you save if you don’t know how you’re spending related to your wants, needs and income?
So maybe January isn’t going to be the month when you slay all your dragons, maybe it’s going to be about getting to know your dragons, identifying their weaknesses and yours, and getting your weapons ready for an efficient, annihilating attack.
We don’t want to wound or maim dragons, we want to slay, win, CONQUER – and that takes planning.
Don’t go half-cocked into the new year – once the momentum of the season wears off you’ll need a solid plan to keep you going. Invest time in learning, getting information, so you can build that solid fail-proof plan.

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