The Gift of Time


The gift I value the most in this phase of my life is the gift of time. People don’t understand. I’m in a season right now where the people around me are gifting me with time, and it is a beautiful thing, something I deeply appreciate. I think about how I can show appreciation to these people, and I rest in the knowledge that there will come a time when they are not in doubt of how much I appreciate and love them.
The women in my life right now are covering me in love and I feel so blessed. They give me time to work, and time to rest and recharge, and I love them for it. One of them asked me, ‘So you’re working khonapho?’ I was writing. I said yes.
She continued, ‘But what are you doing?’
‘I’m writing,’ I said. ‘That’s my work.’
‘But writing from where? What are you writing?’
The words felt ridiculous coming out of my mouth. I felt like an impostor. In the three seconds it took me to say the words, ‘I’m a writer’, I died of embarrassment. How dare I call myself a writer? And yet here I am, writing.
There are people who by giving me the gift of time make it possible for me to meet major deadlines related to my writing, and I cannot express how grateful I am to them. I tell them often that I will not forget to mention them in my acceptance speeches. They think I’m joking.
Of all the people who support and surround me, none has a more special place in my heart than my wonderful nephew Thando (pictured above). I have often said I want men in my life, reliable men who are on my side that I can call on in times of trouble to do man-things like fix the broken shower-head, or replace it, and help me mop the floor when two of my rooms get flooded. My brother’s son has been such a blessing to me. He is a man in my life who has helped me, supported me, shown me grace in difficult moments. He has given me time.
Sometimes I’m moments away from a break-down and he doesn’t know it; he has saved me countless times. Without knowing it he has been there, strong, allowing me to lean on him, helping me do better and be better. I appreciate him so much. We have raised a man in the family and I am so proud of him. I don’t care ukuthi abanye bathini, kim’ uThando usharp.

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