First, Knowledge (Slice of Life)

Freedom is knowing who you are. It’s knowing your strengths and your weaknesses. With a bit of effort, anybody can set themselves free.
Excellence is knowing your limits, and then going further. Excellence is being better, doing better, always striving to become better.
I’ve been bruised and broken in the search for love. I’ve been buried beneath mountains of guilt and shame. Today I sing my freedom, today I begin to seek excellence.
I am handicapped by my nature. The Feeling-Logician wielder is the most rare of the wielder types; it is said that this is because where the Logician wielders can be counted on to act logically and rationally, and the Feeling wielders to act on whatever emotion is highest in the moment, Feeling-Logicians are unpredictable and can only be counted on to detest the appearance of being typical, and to be unpredictable.
All these years that I thought I knew myself I saw only glimpses, darkly. I completed the Spiral of Forgiveness before I saw beyond the veil; it was no easy road.
-An Excerpt -Slice of Life-

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