I Hate You Then I Love You

There are days I hate, you know the ones.
Days when I need you like the oceans need the moon,
When I taste blood in my mouth for hunger of you.
Days of bittersweet memories crowding my mind –
The pen I used when I wrote to you last,
The journal from which I tore the lined sheets.
The wine, no more a favourite, stands undrunk in the cabinet;
The tickets from that show we never saw
Still lying at the back of the drawer.
On days like these I feel you here
Herb-scented breath warm on my neck
And the rough tonguing following roaming hands.

There are days I hate, you know the ones.
Days when anger subsumes hunger and leaves the heart thudding;
Days when you are the mistake I cannot forget,
The error I never should have made;
When the words I write swim before my eyes
Chased by the lies of four hundred eighty days.
On days like these I picture you here –
“I’ll take care of you” you whisper,
And on my lips a bitter smile forms.

There are days when I love you
Love you like you wouldn’t believe,
Love like you couldn’t receive –
Days when I recall the smiles you brought forth and the thrills down my spine;
The touch of your hand, the rush of my blood.
On days like this your heart communes with mine
But even that is only in my mind.


In The Silence of My Mind

I undress

Impatient to receive
Believing you are eager to give
Welcome you into myself
Sigh as you own the universe
And moan
Long into the night
As you love me
Till my chest heaves
And my legs tremble.

I wish
That the sun would speed up
Or slow down
That this day had never come
Or could pass by unnoticed
But today must be lived
With fantasies of you
Between my legs
Hands rough against my nipples
Breath mingling with mine. -Beauty’sDaughter

Sit Down and Listen

Sit down
Gather your skirts
Gather the pieces of your heart and listen.

Your heart is fragile, cracked
Ready to shatter if carelessly held
Handle it with care
Place it in glass vases
Or in porcelain urns.

And if these containers should break
And your pain spill and overflow
Stream down your cheeks in salty rivers
Set aflame all your dreams –
You can only gather your skirts,
Gather the pieces of your heart
Sit down
And listen.