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With Apologies To Shakespeare

You think of someone, not just anyone but a particular someone, and you feel this sharp but-not-quite piercing sensation in your chest. It lasts less than a moment; so quickly melting into memory that you wonder if you didn’t dream or hallucinate it, even though you’re wide awake and quite sober in both body and mind.

It surprises you because you haven’t felt it in a while, a long long while, and you may even be loathe to believe that that person inspired it. Indeed, you may have already dismissed that feeling as a product of too many late nights spent at some or other relatively meaningless endeavour; perhaps you think it means nothing more than that that person is currently in your ‘circle’, that it is merely an accident of chance that it was the thought of him/her that had you questioning your sanity. Perhaps you’ve even put it down to indigestion, or whatever ailment you suffer most often that fits the symptom, if that jagged edge of emotion that flashes through you in a split second can be called a symptom. You know full well it’s none of those things, even though you can’t adequately express, not even to yourself, what that feeling actually is.

It’s often left of centre of your chest, but sometimes, very rarely, it’s right of centre. Have you ever felt that? The zigzag sweetness (it’s not pain you know) that jolts through you in about the same amount of time that it would take to blink twice? That feeling that makes you gasp as you ask yourself: is this love? Is this love?
Hint: it might be.

I know you’re wondering: why right of centre? I’ll tell you why: because that’s about where your beloved’s heart would be if you stood face to face and bathed in each other’s energy. The universe knows it and is preparing you for the time when you shall stand together again, united as you were at the beginning of  time before your souls were ripped apart condemning you both to a life that is no more than the constant, relentless, unrelenting desire for that other person who truly, truly, gets you

How cruel is the universe, is God, that it is often not until we are tired and spent that we begin to pick up the scent of that other, begin to navigate the swirls and eddies that lead to the longed-for presence of the person who makes your heart jump, literally, and makes your blood sing, figuratively?

But what if the delay in connection is not proof of the workings of a capricious God or an uncaring force, but evidence instead of infinite love?
What if Love does not reveal herself until you’re ready and able to appreciate and value her in a world gone mad with the desire for pleasure and licentiousness?
What if the universe is not neutral and unconcerned but actively working toward bringing you the best of everything at the best of times?
The question is not: is this it? This is it.
You have felt it in the vibrations of your very soul and you know, you know, who your soul’s twin is.

You have asked if this was it before, and perhaps right now you’re wondering if you aren’t thinking of X when you should be thinking of Y. Fear not. Let your inner voice whisper what it knows. Dare to listen.

The question is not: is this it?
The statement is: this is it.

The question is: are you ready?

Well? ARE YOU?

Parting Words:

Do not to fear. If t’is not now, then t’is to come. The readiness is all.

-Beauty’s Daughter