Serendipitousnessnessness…or so it seemed. That word seemed so apt even though she sometimes had trouble saying it. Still, it was the right word for the time and times in which she lived. Well times had changed, as times do for sure but for a time and times she’d been golden.
Yes, for those times it was the perfect word. Despite how unwieldy it sometimes was in her mouth and how it didn’t exit her lips as gracefully as other words did, and how her teeth and tongue always seemed to get in the way of saying it, and how she always seemed to end up with an extra syllable sometimes two extra syllables even, despite how, when she wanted to say it out loud, it – the word – seemed determined to trip her up just as badly as when she said it in her head, so that she had to close her eyes to concentrate better, and speak very slowly sounding out every syllable as if she was working through an early Schonell reader, and doing so extremely laboriously. Despite all of that, it had been the perfect word for that time, for those bright, accidentally wondrous -it seemed then – times.


The weirdness was in the fact that now that those times had ended and that time had passed – joyful, laughter-filled times those, and a time of, well, let’s not look for more words to stumble over – now that times had gone a-changing, other almost-as-unwieldy words seemed determined to take over where the old word had left off, where the old word -she wasn’t going to say it or even think it again – had become obsolete: a new word, just as big, had come (but she still wasn’t sure about it).  Calamitousnessness – maybe? In retrospect?


Is it fair to look back back on a time and anoint it with a different feel to that with which it was initially christened? At the time and while living in those times – the beauty, the awe, the wonder, the clichés, the outbursts of creativity, the beautifully constructed arguments, art so beautiful it made her gasp, feeling so intense that, well. Let’s not go there.
-When all that ended and you ‘looked back over your shoulder’, would it be fair to look upon past momentuos events that culminated in, say, crippling injury and the attendant agony,  and call the entire sequence calamitous instead of serendipitous, knowing full well that at the time serendipity was the word you chose and that you’re only now calling it a calamity because hindsight?
Inquiring minds wanna know.

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