Why You? Now You Know


Reality smacks you across the face (you saw it coming, barely) and while you’re still standing there in shock, hand clasped to cheek, eyes wide, you get a backhander to the other cheek. That one you didnt see coming but in hindsight, you really should have. Your eyes water and on your knees, eyes raised to heaven (it’s just a more natural position in such situations), you cry ‘Why? Why me?’

Well,  I’m told the answer to that is: ‘Why not you?’

I don’t know about y’all but I’m not buying that bullsh*t. I want answers dammit and I’m not resting till I get them.
At least, that was my intention as I harangued and brow-beat God and the universe for answers.

Wanna know why you?

‘Cause you never learn. ‘Cause you’re foolish and you make foolish decisions. That’s why.

*drops mic, exits stage left*

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