Play On Player

I’m learning to not say certain words, some words,
Because some words freak people out
Because I guess they’re words that aren’t for the likes of me and
I’m the sort of person who must never be heard to say some things
Because some things are too strange and fantastic to be spoken of by me? I don’t know.

I’m learning how to unsay things by
Pretending I never said them in the first place
Because people get upset when I say things and
Express thoughts and describe feelings and so
It’s much easier to pretend the word was never said, never heard, than to deal with what it means.

Let’s dance this dance forever
Because an eternity to play with you is nothing and
I don’t want to stop listening to the things you’re not saying and
You shouldn’t stop seeing those things I’m not showing so
Players play on; ballers, ball on, let’s see what you got.


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