Sunday Musings

“It’s not beginning the story that I fear, it’s not knowing how it will end.”
-House of Cards

I’ve learnt that we have more control over how the cookie crumbles than we’re willing to accept responsibility for. It’s easier to say ‘things just happened’ than to admit to fucking up. It’s easier to say ‘things didn’t work out’ than to admit to an unwillingness to do the work.
You may not know how the story will end, but you have no one but yourself to blame for how the narrative unfolds.

The shitty part? The shitty part is that you’re not the only one authoring the story so you may never know what direction your co-author(s) is taking until it’s too late. Life doesnt come with a re-set button and there isn’t a cosmic erase tool.

There are times when there is much to be said in favour of hermitage; there is never a right time to be motivated fear.


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