Hold me in your arms, Toni sang,

Play me all night long like that Spanish guitar.

touch me just like you know me...
touch me just like you know me…

He told me he draws inspiration from that song –

He said he would thrum and strum

Long-stroke, deep-stroke, maybe even a bit of a back-stroke…

No stopping till I beg to cum.


I believe him, you see

He has that look about him, that feel –

That  aura about him that calls to the deep

Deep feminine within –

You know the one?

The one that says ‘Don’t play with fire?’

L’enfant du soleil, ain’t even scared,

I say bring it on, set me free.

Hot? Or beautiful?
Hot? Or beautiful?

I wonder though if he’s ready?

No really – someone should warn him, someone should tell him:

I studied at Thandiswa’s feet,

And my song is he, 

One that I’ll play every night till three.

...music is the sound of feelings...
…music is the sound of feelings…

Who’s the instrument and who the maestro?

Perhaps a concerto? The third part’s God’s –

That’s no typo.

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