viva la passione

i don’t even know if that’s the correct spelling but well, if it isn’t you’ll just have to suck it. Before we get started, i have to know – did you miss me? i hope so. i’m sorry i’ve been away for so long – life’s kinda been happening and i just haven’t had the time. that said, i missed you.

right. where were we?

4. whatever you do, do well

this is about bringing passion to everything that you do, because you can’t do anything well if you’re not doing it passionately. if you’re not going to give it your best shot, if you’re feeling ‘meh’ about it, why bother? i’m chronically lazy (more on that in a bit), but when i do do something, i want to do it well. for me this isn’t really about any kind of high-mindedness, but it’s because i generally don’t take criticism very well, i’m a true leo like that. i don’t mind being called lazy because i am (only because i don’t like to explain the difference between laziness and energy conservation, but there you are), but i do mind when i’m accused of producing shoddy work, of any sort. so whatever i do, i do well, otherwise i don’t bother at all.

i like feeling good, and it’s difficult to feel good if you’re not being your best and giving your best. coming from someone who’d rather do nothing at all, all day, that is some truth right there. the best way to feel good about what you’re doing is to bring passion to it. tap into the why you’re doing it and determine to produce your best and no matter what anyone else might say, you’ll feel good about it. or at any rate you should, if you truly gave it your passionate best.