easy does it

i know i’d said i’d post one thing from the list every day….but you know, work kinda happens and life kinda happens and before you know it it’s tuesday and your last post was on thursday. or was it friday? anyway, weekends don’t count so effectively i missed only two days. if you knew the drama that is going on in my life you’d be so impressed that i’m even posting at all.

2. Easy does it

the second habit i want to pick up is about taking things easy. not everything has to be a big production. this is difficult for me, what with being a leo and all, but i think it will be worth the effort. then again, making an effort to take things easy kind of defeats the whole point doesn’t it? what i mean by take things easy is: don’t sweat the small stuff. life really is too short.

easy does it is an ideology that permeates my whole life – or it would if i wasn’t such a drama queen with an opinion, often loudly voiced, about everything. what i want is a simple life. simplicity in everything. simple clothing. simple makeup. simple hair. simple relationships. simple furniture. basically, taking things easy translates to keeping my life simple and free of clutter – which, wouldn’t you know, is easier said than done.

so what does this look like in practical terms?

it looks like me not worrying about things that are beyond my power to control. it looks like letting everybody else decide for themselves what their lives should look like and letting them live that. no more giving unasked-for advice. if you wanna mess up with your poor decision-making, go right ahead. that said, there are a few people who ask for my input and i will always give it honestly and with only good intentions – i just wont interfere in people’s lives without specific invitation.

easy does it is a philosophy that describes a life that is devoid of value-less things. for years now i’ve been saying that i’m all about value-add, and sometimes i have been. more often though, i’ve collected things, habits and people that instead of adding value to my life serve only to bring drama, and effectively drain it of value. no more. moving forward, i’m going to really try to value value, in things and in relationships, in everything.

keep your life simple and free of clutter, that’s it. when you’re about value-add, when you know the worth of the things and the people in your life (and obviously worth isn’t always about money) you’ll find that you invest more and because life is what it is, you’ll get more in return. how does that song ago…what you give is what you get returned? uh-huh. ’nuff said.


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