Grace, part 2

What does grace look like in real life? Can you imagine it?
When the Bible says, nothing can separate us from the love of God, what does that look life in real life?
People say things like ‘God wants me to do this or that,’ when in actual fact all God wants you to do is accept grace. When you have accepted grace what can you not achieve? When failure is not an option, how could you not win? Our biggest mistakes often involve a comparison to others – we are motivated by thoughts of ‘if he did it so can I,’ when in actual fact we should be striving for excellence, always, because grace gives us the ability to win, always. Strive to be the best version of you, not to be a better version of somebody else, as appealing that is to our egos. Who doesn’t want to be thinner than…, better educated than…, faster…,bigger…richer,…just, better: better is a comparative.
If you always wanted to be a better version of yourself wouldn’t you always be winning, as long as you were trying?


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