You can’t nurture others when you yourself need nurturing. Well, perhaps others can, but I have come to realize that I cannot.
I cannot keep giving to those who are just taking, who continue to carelessly and without compunction or remorse, deplete my resources without giving in return. I cannot, nor am I willing to try any longer.

They say if the woman of the home is not happy, nobody is happy –  but I wonder how many of us actually stop to think what that means? Like a fruit tree that needs the correct temperature, right amounts of water at the right time, and sunshine to produce its fruit, a woman needs to be nurtured and her needs catered to before she can minister to her family and those around her. From the abundance of her heart she will speak and act. If her heart is filled with bitterness and resentment then that is what she will serve the world, starting with those closest to her. But if her heart is filled with love, joy and peacefulness; if she is nurtured and her needs met; and if she is receiving what she needs to thrive, not just survive, then she is more likely to be a light, a warmth, to those around her and in her circle of influence; more likely to serve them and nurture them well and better able to meet their needs out of the abundance of what she has received. Just like a fruit tree will yield better fruit if its requirements are met, the woman in your life will love you better if her needs are met. This is not rocket science.

Having found that I was beginning to harbour resentment and growing bitter because of repeated and continuous lack of care for my emotional well-being, I chose to remove myself from what has lately been a thoroughly stressful situation. If you aren’t even trying to be kind to me, let alone loving, then I’m no longer hanging around to be hurt. Not only do i deserve better, i demand better. If nothing else, i owe it to myself to look after my heart. Shape up or ship out. Finish and klaar.


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