The power of jesus’ name -easter sunday 2012 21:21

The power of the spoken name. A name can fix things or break things. Saying ‘so-&-said this’ can make things happen. The person isn’t there to be threatening. He doesn’t have to be there to make it happen. Just saying his name, one particular name, can make things happen.

For my son, my name can make things happen. If someone says to him ‘UMam’ akho uthe…’ he gets up and does things. That’s the power of my name.

When Obama says ‘do this’ – it gets done. When someone says ‘Obama said do this’, it still gets done. Not things like a room getting cleaned, but big things. Things like you know, dropping drones on folks. Not that Obama has done that, nor that such things have been done in his name, but you know, they could be. That’s the power of Obama’s name.

What about bob’s name? What can it do? What has it done???

Ever heard someone’s name and had a reaction to it? An eye-roll, a smile, a pursing of the lips? Depending on the name you hear, you’ll have a different reaction. The owner isn’t there, evoking the reaction; you’re reacting to merely hearing their name. That’s the power of their name over you.

Ever thought about Christ’s name, and what it can do? The reactions it can bring? A friend once told me a story that happened in Bulawayo. Her mother’s handbag was grabbed; i think ephuma ebank leyana opposite Chicken Inn on Main Street. CBZ? Standard Bank? Anyway, the guy grabbed it and ran and her mum shouted ‘leth’ iskhwama sami, ngegama likaJesu!’ The guy ran back to her, dropped the bag at her feet and ran off. Just like that. The name of Jesus made things happen.

We underestimate what Jesus’ name can do. Just like recalcitrant children, we misuse and abuse and oftentimes even forget to use the power of that name. How often do we need to be reminded to tap into the power of Christ’s name? How much sadness does he feel at our failure to do so? How much more power do we wield, more than a child carrying its parent’s name, we who claim to call on the name of Christ? The name at which every knee shall bow?

We choose to suffer, to struggle, to hurt, all because we do not recognise the power of Jesus’ name. Is there a more powerful weapon than speaking in the name of Jesus? When you say ‘uJesu uthi…’ do you realise what power you wield? That name makes things happen. Or it would, if only we would use it. Instead, we speak defeat. We say ‘Vele akwenzakali’, and vele kungenzakali. We say ‘Gaya yikuthi kunzima,’ and for sure kube nzima. Kanti nxa singathi ‘uJes’ uthe’ kungaba njani? Kant’ uJesu yena wath’ kuzaba njani?

UJesu wathi ‘Baba baxolele’. Ujesu wathi kumaria umagadelena, ‘batshel’ ukuthi’,

lakanye wabatshela, bakholwa. Pho thina sehlulwa yini ukuth’ sisebenzise amandl’ asegameni lelo? Okunzima, okubi, lokubuhlungu sehlulwa yini ukuth’ sikutshel’ ukuth’ ujesu uthini? Uth’ yena uyikuphila – pho yini sivumel’ ukufa? Uth’ uyindlela, kodwa nanko thina sihlanhlath’ iganga. Uth’ yena uliqiniso kodw’ amanga s’tsheba ngawo. All we have to do is call on that name that is above every name, kodwa thina sizenzel’ okwethu singananzelel’ ukuthi siz’thwalisa nzima.

My son’s best friend comes to my house sometimes. He knows me. But he has never attempted to tell his teachers that ‘umama kaThembi uthe’, in order to fix a problem. At least, i hope not. That’s because he’s not my son; he has a mother whose name will fix his problems. My name won’t help him. By the same token, not everybody can call on the name of Jesus. Ayisibo bonk’ abangathi ‘Nkosi, Nkosi’ – bakhon’ abangayi kuba lemvumo. Ngabanjani? Nab vumayo ngemlomo yabo, abakholwayo ngenhliziyo zab’ ukuthi uJesu uyiNkosi, njalo loNkulunkulu wamvus’  ekufeni. Nxa ukholwa ulemvumo yokubiz’ ibizo eliphezu kwawo wonke, eliyikuphila, and not just life, but life in abundance. That’s the power of Jesus’ name.

i dreamed a dream

i’ve just woken up from what i can only call a nightmare. in it you took my work, my writing, and called it your own and profited from it with no regard for anything or anyone other than your own desires. even as i write this my heart is pounding and my eyes are filled with tears because although i hope that that was but a dream, though i hope and believe that you would not steal my work and call yourself a success because of it – you did, in real life, take all that i have to give and give very little in return.