when a man loves a woman he calls when he says he’ll call. Ladies, if he always forgets to call you back it means something more important took up his time. That’s right: something (usually in the form of someone) more important than you came up, and that’s why he didn’t call you.

when a man loves you he doesn’t lie to you about anything. he wants to be known by you because we open up to people we love and want to be loved by. he wont lie about trivial things and certainly not important things. if he’s hiding things from you it’s not because he didn’t want to risk losing you, it’s because he doesn’t really care whether you know him for  who he truly is or not. he does’t care because, you guessed it, he doesn’t love you. in other words, sure he has a motive/reason for being with you, that reason just isn’t love. a man that loves you doesn’t lie about his problems, or about where he was last night. if your man is lying to you about ANYTHING, he has something (probably involving another woman) to hide. really, this is not rocket science.

when a man loves you he goes out of his way to please you, to make you happy, to see you smile. if he tells you to ‘wait’ – for the end of the year, for him to sort out ‘that issue’- if he’s making excuses for why he can’t do what makes you happy, it’s because his attention and his resources are tied up with something (more likely someone) else. yes, something or someone that matters to him more than you. he forgot valentine’s day? fair enough, some men are that dumb. he missed your birthday too? and you got nothing for christmas? and this is a man who tells you he loves you? “wait, baby, i’ll do for you soon as i’m on my feet. i’m tryna get this li’l project going.” meanwhile, he has no trouble spending on himself and on the people that really matter to him. YOU have to wait because you, baby, just aren’t that important.

when a man loves you he’ll put you first. before his ‘boys’ (before, not in place of, don’t get it twisted now), before his weekend toe-nail clipping session, before his business. when a man loves you he makes YOU his number one priority. if you are second to his friends, to his dog, to that thing he has to do before he can make time for you -whatever it is- sister, hear me well – this man will break your heart. find someone who prioritizes you the way you prioritize him. as they say, “don’t make someone your priority when to them you are just an option.”



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