i know this is some beautiful writing about the ‘city of kings’.

i know this because i haven’t managed to finish reading it, although i’ve had it open for about two hours now (yes nakaTloL, even while i was chatting with you).

i haven’t been able to finish it because i keep getting tears in my eyes and having to stop. it hurts that much. the descriptions are so beautifully-wrought, that i can almost hear the babble of vendors labo ‘windy’ egodini. the phrase –‘so beautiful it hurts’ is perfect for this piece. i feel as if my heart is about to burst through my chest, it’s thumping so hard. Granted, that could also be due to my having just taken my medication, but I think not. suddenly, words like poignant, nostalgia, reminiscence, words that i always thought were too ‘white’ for everyday use, have real meaning for me.

never before have i ever had such a reaction to any piece of writing, ever. and not to be arrogant, but i’ve read a hell of a lot. if there was ever any doubt in my mind about the connection our people have to our city, if there was ever any doubt in mind about inkaba yami being in ‘Bluez’, that doubt is now forever gone. i am a daughter of that sunny land, a daughter of kings, and i shall never know fear of man [but that’s a story for another day. the me-fearing -no -man story, I mean, in case you didn’t get that].

*whispering* i think this is the first day of my first real girl-crush


the power of words


romance my mind
stimulate me
thrill my senses
excite me
inspire me
arouse me
make me scream
make me bleed
make me beg for more
make me yearn for still more
subdue me.
make me weak at the knees
make me smile
make me cry
i want you to do all this without touching me, without laying a finger on me.
do not underestimate the power of words.