If I could be truly me minus the constraints of time and money, I’d wear black and white all day every day, and accessorize with every other colour.
I’d find a man that stimulates me intellectually and in every other way and ask him to spend the rest of his life stimulating me and allowing me to do the same to him.
I’d work at a job I enjoy which would involve a lot of talking and writing about things I’m passionate about, like infidelity in marriage, and sexual abuse of women and minors, and I’d engage the world on a conversation about what makes poverty so darn impossible to get rid of.
I’d do a lot of entertaining in places with good music and better food, and I would travel the world, sometimes in luxury and sometimes not.
I’d spend time watching good tv shows (by which I mean the ones I like) and I’d re-watch all the classics like The Godfather, Scarface – and maybe I’d even watch Pulp Fiction again.
I’d ask to meet the people that wrote the script for Friends, and I’d have a lunch date with Julia Roberts, Bill Bryson, Khadija Nassif (, Richard Dawkins, Angelina Jolie, Tsitsi Dangarembga, my Form 1 English teacher Miss Greenland (if she’s still alive) and Richard Branson. Yes, at one table.
I’d speak my mind and let people know when they’ve hurt me… too often I swallow my pain and get on with the business of living. Sometimes I ask myself: am I that diffident? Don’t I have a right to say … ‘you’re hurting me and I refuse to take it anymore.’? Yes, I’d stop being a doormat. And I’d learn to be proactive rather than reactive.
I’d learn how to spend wisely and change my philosophy from ‘money is meant to look after me not the other way round’ to ‘I’m saving so my son can take a gap year and ‘do’ Europe.’ I’d have a budget and stick to it.
I’d describe myself as carefree, extroverted, adventurous, passionate, tactful, humble, God-fearing, and creative/artistic and make sure that it’s all true.
They say it’s about having a dream and pursuing it…