stop trying to understand crazy

crazy person

i know crazy people. i meet crazy people. random crazy people and crazy people that i know on a personal level. what i need to do is stop engaging with them. i have enough crazy in my own head i don’t need anyone else’s crazy.

by crazy here i do not mean people who have legitimate mental health issues. i am referring here to people who seem to have no idea how to behave in a way that is within the bounds of sane and normal, whose responses to life events are far beyond the realm of reasonable. i actually know people like that. i need to stop trying to understand them and/or trying to make them see the ridiculousness of their actions and behaviour. 

because grown folk handle their business and your crazy is not my business. because handling your crazy means that sooner or later something that is important to me is not taken care of because i have wasted my time and my energy dealing with your crisis – which is only a crisis because you’re crazy. because trying to deal with your crazy will drive me crazy..uh uh. no more. 

so a word of advice to everyone who is not crazy: stop wasting your time on crazy. step back and leave.
remember – any attempt to explain will only lead to more crazy.
so keep calm, keep your voice even, use short words and leave as swiftly as you can.
do not respond to crazy updates on facebook.
do not respond to crazy emails.
in short – have nothing to do with crazy.


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