beauty is all around us

i didn’t grow up travelling the world.

but that does not mean that i do not have an appreciation for beautiful places and views.

when i was 19 i saw the most beautiful baobab tree. i still have not forgotten the sense of wonder and awe and majesty that that tree evoked in me.

my boyfriend thought i was crazy to be so moved by a tree. it was in his backyard, and there were other baobab trees all around the area, but this one – this one was the biggest, most beautiful of them all to me.

each morning i would stand by the window of our hut and watch as that tree came into view with the changing light. as the sky turned from pale to bright, as dawn became day, i would stand there and marvel at that tree. how many years had it stood there? what stories could it tell? and what would i have to go through to stand as steadfast? in the evenings the sun would set behind that tree, silhouetting it as the sky turned from orange to eventual black and i would watch, feeling…inspired.

i was inspired to write – and write i did. i wrote such beautiful letters to that boy -sadly i destroyed them all when getting over him became more important than admiring my ability to evoke emotion with the written word. but i digress. that baobab tree moved me in a way no other tree ever moved me, before or since. really.

baobab at sunset

the point i’m making is that beauty is all around us, in the most unexpected of places, in the most mundane of things, in things that other people take for granted. we have to open ourselves up to the possibility of being inspired unexpectedly, and admit that what we perceive with our senses can and does affect the psyche -and then make conscious effort to saturate our senses with beautiful things and beautiful people, so that, ultimately, our consciences are pricked when we fail to appreciate the beauty of life. from the conscious to the conscience and vice-versa.

today, let beauty touch you. don’t stiffen your upper lip against it -celebrate it, wherever you find it. actively seek it out. whatever is beautiful to you -not everyone is moved almost to tears by baobab trees- celebrate and surround yourself with that. because life is hard enough.


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